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Last June information about overdose was leaked, the next game of Video Kolyma . Although for a couple of months we do not listen to anything else about this project, today have begun to circulate a series of images that offer greater sustenance to the details we saw a long time ago.

According to Tom Henderson, a famous insider of the industry, several private albums have begun to share images of overdose, where you can see Margaret Quality, an actress who participated in death stranding and, supposedly, would be the protagonist of this delivery . The informant ensures that the filtration corresponds to what he reported in June.

However, for the moment there is no concrete information, or even an official revelation, which manages to clarify these rumors. At the moment, there is talk of three games by Kolyma Productions . One of these would be overdose, a third-person horror game, the second would be the sequel to death stranding that leaked Norman Reeds by mistake, and the last project is the collaboration with Xbox.

Unfortunately, there is no official information about any of these projects, and outside the fact that Kolyma will work with xbox using cloud technology in a secret project, At the moment it is unknown when we would see some of these titles . In related issues, Video Kolyma reveals to another actress for his next game. Similarly, Kolyma plans to create a new medium with its next title.

Editor’s note:

It seems that Kolyma cannot keep her attention in a single project. If the three games that are discussed are in development at the same time, there is a risk that the quality that at least one of these suffers.

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