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The reason for the introduction was the birthday celebration of the first-rate marker. The later FC Bayern celebrity was born upon November 3, 1945, in Noodling. Former friends such as Bavaria Munich’s honorary head of state UPI Honey and also goalkeeper tale Sept Maier additionally concerned the unveiling come with by wonderful passion.


Müller describes the around 22,000 citizens of the big city as her most renowned kid. Because of his numerous goals, the demonstrator is also understood as the bomber of the nation.

In the future, Herd Müller can be seen with his 1974 Globe Cup objective on a bronze monument in the event of the demonstrator. A sculpture was introduced in Swabian Noodling, which shows the globe champion, who passed away in the summer of last year, in the objective to 2-1 against the Netherlands in the final in the Munich Olympic Stadium.

additionally entailed DFB and also FCB in funding

After a collection of signatures, the city council after that established a brand-new area for the football monument in the city.

The sculpture was created by the Aschaffenburg artist Herbert Days and manufactured by the Kicker bell as well as art factory between Hessian feeling.

Müller describes the about 22,000 residents of the large city as her most well-known boy. Since of his countless goals, the striker is likewise understood as the bombing plane of the nation.

After a collection of signatures, the city council then established a brand-new area for the football monument in the city. The German Football Association (DFB) and FC Bayern Munich additionally took part in the funding.

It is a day to share what Herd Müller has accomplished in his far too brief life, just how he influenced entire generations as well as exactly how he moved a nation, she was back into his spell far beyond his fatality, claimed the President of the Bavarian Football Association, Christoph Kern, in the visibility of Müller’s widow Us chi.

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