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Bettendorf is quite sure that many individuals in Germany will certainly adhere to the tournament (November 20 to December 18). According to the most recent numbers from the World Organization FIFA, around 35,000 card orders went to the Federal Republic, so we can think that we will certainly experience German followers right here, stated the DFB manager. Or else, everybody needs to choose for themselves whether they are seeking this competition either in Doha directly or in front of the TV.

When awarding future events, Bettendorf highlighted the ZDF that the FIFA Globe Federation Association has actually currently included human civil liberties in its magazine of criteria. It has to remain in the interest of FIFA as well as football organizations to get social acceptance for the honor of such competitions.

To go over, Bettendorf has actually currently traveled to Qatar. The 61-year-old belongs to a delegation from Federal Inside Priest Nancy Falser (SPD), which is present for a two-day visit to the Golf Emirate. After their arrival, the minister as well as Bettendorf accountable for the sport were visitors in a round of talks, which took care of the circumstance of the construction workers primarily from South Asia along with workers in the website traffic sector and also house employee.

For the World Cup in Qatar, this appears at the very least doubtful and a great deal of time responsible or transform things. Since it does not take a long time prior to the Winter months Globe Cup begins: On November 20, the game in between hosts Qatar and also Ecuador begins, the German group will obtain into Japan on November 23.

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The honor of the Globe Cup to Qatar is debatable and also has actually given numerous conversations and also conversation, DFB President Bernd Bettendorf, that recognized an improvement of sporting activity. He has become far more political, stated Bettendorf on Monday evening about the function of sporting activity in the Today Journal of the ZDF and presumed that we will certainly no more experience an honor without considering such subjects such as sustainability as well as civil rights. Such points need to be gone over ahead of time, added the head of the German Football Organization.


Qatar 2022: The path from the Globe Mug allocation to today

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  • Five years later on, FIFA determines to execute a World Mug for the very first time in the cold weather.

  • Non-sporting topics have actually been controlling the World Cup for eleven years: it is regarding purchasing ballots, exploitation of employees on building sites as well as fundamental civil rights.

  • In December 2010, the 2022 World Mug will be awarded to Qatar.

  • Soccer slam Qatar in common statement

  • World Mug organizers report three deaths on building sites


The award of the World Cup to Qatar is controversial and has actually given lots of conversations and also discussion, DFB President Bernd Bettendorf, who identified a makeover of sport. He has ended up being much more political, claimed Bettendorf on Monday evening concerning the duty of sport in the Today Journal of the ZDF as well as thought that we will no much longer experience an honor without thinking about such topics such as sustainability as well as human legal rights. To review, Bettendorf has actually currently traveled to Qatar. According to the most current numbers from the Globe Association FIFA, around 35,000 card orders went to the Federal Republic, so we can think that we will experience German fans below, said the DFB employer.

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