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Radio , the Finnish study known for being the creator of Angry Birds , has announced the opening of new offices in Barcelona.

The idea, they explain in their statement, is that this expansion of the company towards the Iberian Peninsula serves to recruit a few more workers to work in some of its games as existing service. The two examples we can find are Angry Birds Friends and Dream Blast, although they imply that they probably also participate in some other title.

In the same communication, they explain that the reason for choosing Barcelona is that it is a good place to find talented mobile game developers, although it also adds here that the time zone is perfectly compatible with its central headquarters in the Nordic country. At the moment, yes, it seems that they do not have physical offices in Spain, but they warn that very soon.

Radio Barcelona will have a strong focus on the design of live levels and operations, says Matthieu Bureau, senior director of the Department of Live Ops. «The levels are fundamental for an excellent experience of the players, and we are very happy to build a strong internal design capacity, since our level designers are in charge of everything, from the moment you enter a level to the screen of Victoria; From design mechanics to the level itself. We also believe that we can offer enduring games that feel alive and growing for our players ».

The announcement also comes with the occasional employment opportunity, which include vacant positions in the design of levels, in the economy of the games and in its artistic section.


The news comes just over a year after Radio herself announced another expansion of her company, in this case with offices in Toronto. Julie Beau grand, director of this new study, revealed through Games industry that this team was working on a new project.

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