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A video that reproduces the cityscape of modern Japanese in Unity is attracting attention. It is a persuasive video that makes you think that there will be such a town somewhere in Japan somewhere in Japan, up to buildings, roads, and street trees. This is a video of VR demonstrations under development by individual developers. How was it made?

This video posted by SHERMAN WAFFLE, a 3D artist living in Chicago in the United States. A person who produces various spatial expressions on Unity. The video at the beginning is a video of the VR demonstration under development using the JAPANESE CITY asset produced and sold by Waffle himself. JAPANESE CITY is a module-style asset that contains a variety of parts to express Japanese urban areas. This asset has a variety of factors that make up the cityscape, from building walls and windows, sidewalks and telephone poles, and small items such as outdoor units and plumbing. The video of this VR demo uses a large amount of objects and texture expressions to create the atmosphere of the city.


I would like to pay attention to the signs of the city as well as the reproducibility of this modern japanese cityscape. Character information such as store names and part-time job recruitment functions as an element that impresses the city. The Japanese that appears in the asset is supervised by Tuber’s Not Kirk. Not Irish himself is also an indie game developer, and is currently developing a horror game Kink Seminar Bureau that can now return to ghosts (related articles). Compared to the supervision, the words and fonts of the signboards are certainly adjusted to something more natural. It is an expression that does not feel uncomfortable for Japanese users, and these adjustments are designed to enhance immersion.

In addition to JAPANESE CITY, Waffle also produces and sells assets that reproduce Kowloon Castle Fort. Speaking of Kowloon Castle Fort, it is a residence that existed in the Kowloon Castle area of Hong Kong. It has the nickname of the Oriental Cave because of the bite architecture that has been repeatedly expanded and the dark and complex internal structure. Waffle has also posted a video rendered on Unity for an asset that reproduces the Kowloon Castle Fort. A dubious space is spreading at the end of the dim alley, which is also full of atmosphere. According to the British game artist media GamesArtist, Waffle has a strong interest in modern architecture. Perhaps his commitment is utilized in making assets.

As mentioned earlier, Demonstrations for VR, which reproduces the cityscape of modern Japan, are currently under development. Waffle is considering the release of VR demonstrations in response to the video. It may be near the day when you can stroll in VR in a city that seems to be infinite, but does not exist. The JAPANESE CITY asset is on sale at the Unity Asset Store.

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