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Before introducing changes in the official servers of League of Legends , Riot Games uses the BE as a test bank. It reviews all the novelties that are about to reach the video game weeks before they appear in the patch notes. In this article we will emphasize a strange error that is currently happening to one of the new objects that will reach the game in the 2023 preseason.


The item in question is the Heart of Steel , an object designed for tanks that is wreaking havoc among the players. Different members of the community have expressed to have been banned after using this object. Hola @RIotsupport I and all the people I played today in the BE we were permanently banned without any reason. Help, please, he commented on his Twitter account Rossboomsocks , a content creator with more than 800,000 subscribers on YouTube affected by the ruling.

Riot Games works to solve a bug that ‘banned’ to many players

Riot is already getting to work to solve A problem that has already affected many test users. In the Reddit post in which they talk about this problem, they shared the answers that Riot player support employees, who apologized for the situation: Thank you for contacting us and my most sincere apologies (…) Many players They have informed of the same error to a similar to the one you did. We are aware and working hard to fix it.

These types of situations are the reason why preseason is introduced into the BE with something more than a month in advance regarding its premiere on live servers. Riot Games wants to be especially cautious when so many changes arrive in League of Legends at the same time. In the test servers, it is hardly a matter of apologizing and trying to solve it within a reasonable time. However, do you imagine this happens in your main account?

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