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[ Moon Byung-soo] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) has registered a global pre-registration of the restaurant-themed mobile puzzle game ‘Charlotte’s Table’.

Except for China and Vietnam, the global pre-registration will be held on the official site, Google Play and Apple App Store until it is launched. All pre-registration participants will be presented with a costume set and dyeing items that can decorate the main character ‘Charlotte’.

Charlotte’s table is a three-match mobile puzzle game of a restaurant theme that offers the main character Charlotte and her restaurant and make her own dishes. In addition to the puzzles, it features an immersive story and a puzzle element of cooking concepts containing the secrets, affection and conflict relationships surrounding Charlotte.

Net marble conducted beta tests in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany in July, which received a positive response from users in the speed and story of puzzle games. In particular, during this period, the official social channel revealed baking videos and images that reproduced the dishes in the game.

Net marble aims to launch Charlotte’s table in November, including Korea and Korea.

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