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In an interview with the radio station Honda Hero, Benzema was asked if he would finish his job in the Royal jersey.
Yes, was the Frenchman’s slim answer.
There are no other alternatives.
Benzema did not give any info about the time for his end of his profession.

His agreement with the Madrilène expires at the end of the period, but according to media reports, both sides are servicing a new expansion.
Benzema commemorates his 35th birthday celebration the day after the Globe Cup final in Qatar.
The World Cup still does not have the five-time Champions League winner in the title collection, Benzema was not part of the French team at the 2018 profit.
With the commitment to Actual Madrid, Benzema also offers a being rejected to his home club Olympic Lyon.

His Head Of State Jean-Michel Atlas had seen a number of times to bring the striker back to his birthplace at the end of his occupation.
Benzema moved from Lyon to Madrid in 2009.

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