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A 3rd part of the auto racing game series The Team could come onto the market under a new name.
Rather of The Staff 3, the game formerly recognized under the Operating title Job Orlando would be called Motor fest.
The report comes from Special Nick (Xbox period) and also expert video gaming (Tom Henderson).

As Henderson composes, he saw a logo design for Motor fest in photos, which he can not publish.
It would certainly also be possible that Ubisoft calls the video game The Team: Motor fest and also it was a big function.
When the game initially appeared on Reddit under his job name, it was acted as a DLC for The Staff 2.
It now seems to be an independent title that is supposed to play on the Hawaii Island of Oahu and has actually been given with a brand-new engine.

A connection to The Crew is stated to be readily available.
So you might import your vehicles from the team 2 or begin a restart.

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