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I intended to thank once again for the support and the wonderful news. I wish to see you again quickly in the stadium, he stated. At Boethius, a testicular tumor was found throughout an urological exam in mid-September that needed to be eliminated surgically. A subsequent chemotherapy was not required.

Hey individuals, Django there. I was also back on the pitch, stated the 27-year-old with a huge grin in a video message. The Dutch finished a light private system on Thursday, and he was additionally again on the ball.

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Midfielder Jean-Paul Boethius from Bundesliga club Bertha BSC is back on the training school exactly three weeks after his testicular lump medical diagnosis.

After his team-mate Marco Richter, Dortmund’s Sebastien Haller as well as Union Time Baumgartner, Boethius was already the fourth Bundesliga specialist in this schedule year, in which a pet dog growth was detected.

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