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The image should be one of the most essential vital numbers of the yearly balance-and they check out from the club’s factor of view. In the last fiscal year, the expert football division of FC Bayern is stated to have actually composed sales of just over 650 million euros.

As the paper record states, FC Bayern ought to likewise be a revenue in its balance sheet after taxes in the 3rd year of Corona. The only Bundesliga club does well in the German industry leader to write the black considering that the episode of pandemic.

After both Corona crisis years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, this would suggest a trend reversal and for the very first time once more an advancement upwards. In the previous year, sales were still 643.9 million euros.


The yearly basic meeting of FC Bayern will happen on Saturday evening in the Audi Dome in Munich. Among one of the most exciting schedule products is yearly when CFO Jan-Christian Dressed concerns the presentation of his report on the previous economic year. As specified in a current media record, the outward bound member of the board will certainly have the ability to provide superior figures this year.

FC Bayern Always pay black in corona times

The yearly record is formally provided with all crucial essential figures on Saturday evening at the JHV.

Even in the hard dilemma season 2020/2021, FC Bayern had the ability to write a web profit of 1.2 million euros. Virtually all other Bundesliga clubs made losses or else during this period.

The annual record is officially presented with very important essential numbers on Saturday evening at the JHV. There, Jan-Christian Dressed will then be able to represent the last time of his workplace. Michael Dietrich will comply with as the brand-new CFO on July 1, 2023, on Dressed.

According to BUILD, the profit after taxes in the previous monetary year is simply under 10 million euros. An exceptional worth for the biggest German organization.

One of the most interesting program products is every year when CFO Jan-Christian Dressed comes to the presentation of his record on the previous financial year. As mentioned in a recent media report, the outgoing participant of the board will certainly be able to provide exceptional figures this year.

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