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The third neck strike as well as the following Var fairy after that indicated the last knock-out in minute 59. We are not in a simple situation-and if you experience such a video game, there are 3 neck strokes way too much.

And Kramer himself? He explicitly praised the Schalke target market: Our followers are just unbelievably good, which is superior. I obtain goose bumps alone when I speak about it. He himself gives every little thing daily, I will certainly proceed and have currently power. The decisive factor is that we are moved to the team-AM-on Tuesday (8:45 p.m., live! If the opponent is called TSG Cofferdam once more in the DFB Cup, at Twist).

Afterwards, nevertheless, they did not fall apart, but did not install as well as tried to create their own situations, yet only the post in the person of Florent Millet. Rather of a 1-1 break, after a counterattack by the guests, we went right into the cabin with a 0-2. What in fact annoys me is the 0: 2, which shouldn’t drop in the form, Schröder criticized Schalke defense actions in the circumstance in the second minute of stoppage time. Because after their very own corner kick, the narrows were too very easy as well as with 3 stations (price cut Oliver Baumann, postponed by Georgina Butter, objective from Mynas Dabber).

A circumstance from which the Schalke should be carried out by train Frank Kramer? The video game will be closely looked at and analyzed, Schröder proceeds: Nothing is particular. Frank Kramer is our instructor-and absolutely nothing is indicated. Besides, Kramer is a fighter and also provides whatever for the club.

There was a small ray for S04 sports supervisor Rouen Schröder. I’m let down, but for me directly it was vital to have seen a response from the group, said Schröder after the game at DAZN.


What actually annoys me is the 0: 2, which shouldn’t drop in the kind, Schröder slammed Schalke defense actions in the scenario in the second min of stoppage time. A scenario from which the Schalke should be conducted by train Frank Kramer? He clearly applauded the Schalke audience: Our fans are merely perfect, which is exceptional. At Twist) if the opponent is called TSG Cofferdam once again in the DFB Mug.

After the 0: 3 versus Cofferdam, the disappointment on Schalke was huge once again.

Competitor Kramer

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