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[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Smile gate Stove (CEO Han Young, hereinafter Stop) announced on the 12th that it will recruit a large-scale career for a total of 46 jobs.

Recruitment jobs include ▲ backend and front end development ▲ system engineer ▲ security system operation ▲ personnel operation and recruitment ▲ marketing ▲ service planning.

Stove has achieved its first surplus with the biggest increase since its founding last year. As of 2021, the company increased by 222.9% to W74.9bn compared to the previous year (23.1 billion won), and operating profit also recorded 2.9 billion won. Stove plans to launch the next-generation social video service ‘P.POOL’ within the year and start expanding its business area.

Recruitment-linked internships are also in progress. Stove adopted more than 20 new developers through ‘Dev Camp 2’ in March, and will be recruited by the 3rd ‘Dev Camp’ by October 25. Currently, the ‘Infrastructure Recruitment Linking Interest’ program is also in progress.


An official of Smile gate Stove said, As the stove has grown, recruitment has increased by 38%compared to last year. We are expected to finish the recruitment of three-digit personnel by the end of this year. I hope the talented people to make.

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