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Developers and users seem to have talked about the tactical abilities of the legend in APEX LEGENDS. Developers explain the intention of coordination to the user’s opinion that the ability is needed.

The Lover in APEX LEGENDS is a support class legend that appeared in Season 5. Tactical abilities are bandit’s buddy. It is the ability to throw a bracelet equipped with a jump drive and teleport to that place. Cool downtime is 30 seconds. And the black market, which is an Ultimate ability, can collect items in a certain range of surroundings. The black market can be used by other players. The cool downtime is 120 seconds.

This time, on Twitter, a debate over the tactical abilities of Nova broke out between developers and users. John Larson, the game designer of this work, exchanged discussions with users. He has received a reply from users who are dissatisfied with Nova’s tactical abilities and show his views.

NBA 2K twitter user Cuba, who seems to love the lower, wants Larson to reduce the cool downtime to Lover’s tactical abilities, such as a pass finder tactical ability, or at least 25 seconds. And request. LARSON, on the other hand, stated that adjustments such as shortening of 5 seconds and a variable cool downtime would not be a fundamental solution. LARSON is trying to pursue more accurate problems that are dissatisfied with users in elements other than the length of the cool downtime of Band of the Thief.

Cuba, on the other hand, seems to be unable to boil LARSON. Cuba explains the poor tactics of Rover’s tactics that he feels. He pointed out the presence of an animation (Stuck) before and after the ability to activate and the slow movement speed. Cuba seems to think that the cool downtime is too long compared to the difficult use of such abilities.

Larson commented that tactical abilities that are used as pointed out and feel stressed can not be a good adjustment simply by increasing the turnover rate. He reiterated Cuba’s request, I want you to make a cool downtime short or variable. Larson, on the other hand, has reported that Cuba will continue to consider improving the tactical abilities of Lover, based on dissatisfaction with the animation and travel time he spoke this time.

Meals also sympathizes with Cuba’s dissatisfaction with Rover’s tactics abilities. Meals is a person who has posted news videos related to Apex Legends on YouTube. Meals showed the same opinion as Cuba and pointed out that the speed of the abilities would increase the turnover rate.


Larson continues to respond to discussions developed by another user. According to Larson, Lover’s strength is in property collection. It will be a reference about Ultimate Ability. And Larson seems to be concerned that it will be a leading legend in combat while specializing in goods collection by strengthening Rover’s tactics abilities. In order to reflect such intentions, it seems that all possibilities are being examined, such as the length (CD) of the tactical ability cool downtime (CD), the number of uses, and the strength of the effect.

Meals has been convinced of Larson’s explanation, such as the power of Rover’s Ultimate Ability and the accompanying balance. However, Meals wants to adjust tactical abilities so that they can be used more and more fun. Larson also stated that Rob’s tactical abilities would be even more fun. On the other hand, he emphasizes that fun and strength are not always correlated. He indicates that strengthening the lower will not always lead to fun.

In the past, LARSON stated that Gibraltar, which has a high pick rate in the competition scene, that users are not fun but are used in need of it (related articles). He probably believes that Covering alone does not lead to the fun of play, only by strengthening the performance aspects that increase the pick rate. In the future, Apex Legends, including the lower and Gibraltar in this article, will be adjusted to make it fun to play with any legend.

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