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Electronic Arts has released a trailer for the The Liquidators for a limited-time event for Battlefield 2042 .

This event will be held for a limited time from October 11 to 25, with new modes, new missions, and special rewards. Players will be a member of the assassination units, Liquidator, which specializes in eliminating competitors, and will carry out missions to destroy enemies and secure important areas.

Tactical Conquest is a new mode that can be played for a limited time, and is a derived version of a high-paced close combat with focus on small infantry battles. Fight against your opponent’s squad, secure three flags, defend, reduce enemy tickets, and aim for victory. This mode is a narrower play space, and the battlefield is the ARICA Harbor, Break-away, Caspian Border, Discard, Renewal, and Stranded Maps. Also, during the event, the number of players will be rotated, the first week will be 8vs8 and the second week will be 16vs16.

If you get a ribbon in the tactical concrete during the period, you will be able to unlock special rewards such as specialists such as specialists, weapons, vehicle, and background cards.

Battlefield 2042 The limited-time event The Liquidators will be held from October 11 to 25.

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