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The new Netflix documentary, Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Danger Story, was always destined to evoke an extreme controversy. In this particular case, Netflix made a fairly large mistake by adding the LGBTQ+ label to the program, something that the company had to eliminate quickly. Here is Why Netflix eliminated the LGBTQ+ label from the Danger series? .

Why Netflix eliminated the LGBTQ+ tag of the Danger series

Netflix eliminated the LGBTQ+ tag of Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Danger Story due to the intense reaction in social networks about the meaning of the label . In general, the LGBTQ+ label in Netflix is used to indicate content that positively represents LGBTQ+ people, but the Danger series does not have that.

While Jeffrey Danger himself was a gay man, his crimes in real life included the murder of 17 homosexual children. It is indescribably deaf for a program like this portraying a serial killer as brutal as a kind of positive representation of the LGBTQ +community, especially given the incredibly triggered crimes that Danger himself committed against his victims. Understandably, this resulted in a massive violent reaction on social networks and, as a result, Netflix eliminated the label.

That is all we have Why Netflix eliminated the LGBTQ+ label from the Danger series? . If you are looking for a Netflix series with an LGBTQ+ representation much better, you may want to see a program like The Umbrella Academy, starring Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreaves.

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