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THE farm 51 has started the open beta test for the tactical FPS WORLD WAR 3 for free.

This work has been released early in 2018 since 2018, which has been released in early access to the modern war, but it has been sold once in 2020, such as server defects and lack of optimization. Was stopped. After that, with the support of the new publisher, the update will be repeated, and this time will be launched in the form of an open beta test.

The feature of this work is that in a modern battle with a rich reality with the opinions of military special units in each country and the cooperation of real munitions companies, a maximum of 20 to 20 battles using abundant weapons, vehicles, drones, etc. You can enjoy. The game map reproduces real terrain such as Berlin and Moscow, and pursues reality by focusing on trajectory systems and vehicle physics. Customized elements of guns and character skin are also available, not only in terms of performance but also for grip and stock.

At the beginning of the announcement, this work was highly expected from users as a frame to fill the modern war that was missing, while other works were the theme of the past and the future. The sales immediately after the start of sales exceeded 100,000 in two days, but for the reasons mentioned above, it was sometimes ridiculed as it ended before it started.

Because it is a basic launch, at the time of writing, the maximum simultaneous connection in the last 24 hours has recovered to about 6,400 people, about half after the launch, but COD: MW2 etc. will be released in the future. In the middle, it is noteworthy how far you can fight.

WORLD WAR 3 is being opened beta test for free for Windows PC (Steam). In addition to the launch commemorative, you can get twice your experience from October 6, and a starter pack that includes the experience boost etc. has also been released.

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