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While in Modern Warfare 2, as in the previous parts of the Call of Duty series, there are ready-made equipment sets for using players, there is also the opportunity to create their own class. This allows players to create their own class from scratch, which uses all weapons, abilities and tactical equipment that best corresponds to their game style. Here’s how to configure it.

Creating User Class in Modern Warfare 2

When you are in the main menu, you will see a number of options at the top. : Play, weapons, operators, tests, store . Choose weapons be brought to this screen. Then you will see three options below: Equipment for the network game, a series of murders, customs of transport . Choose multi-user unloading . The choice icon + will allow the players to create their own class, for which it can be up to 10. When creating their own class, players can choose their main and additional weapons, tactical and deadly equipment, a set of perks and field improvement.

In fact, there is no better way to play than with the user class. When players create their own equipment, it adapts to them and becomes even better as the players open additional devices, perks and the like. So, now, when you know how to do this, go ahead and collect the class of your dreams. So far, you may try M4 in this.

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