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When Hummel’s are one hundred percent, he is the central defender who really needs to be set, said his judgment regarding the BVB celebrity. He has verified against Man city that the professional is in top shape as well as can remain to maintain up on top worldwide degree, and also he also plays really solid in the Bundesliga, said Ehrenberg.

For me, the DFB-Elf is presently the very best European group. I see it in advance of France, Spain or England, created the 54-year-old in his column for the information portal T-Online. It has to be the claim to play the World Mug title.

Former global Stefan Ehrenberg depends on the German national soccer group an effective World Mug in Qatar.

Employee, Ehrenberg expects Mats Hummels and Mario Got to get on the World Mug train, although they are currently not part of national trainer Hansi Flick for the Nations Organization.

Ehrenberg: Hummel’s as well as Got could go to the World Cup

Hummel’s’ And also: He has his wonderful experience ahead-whether it is Nico Schlotterbeck, Niklas Sure or Antonio Rudder. Regardless of his current non-nomination, the Dortmund defender additionally had higher opportunities of getting on the World Mug train than Armed Bella-Kotchap, which was nominated for the very first time. The ex-Bochumer wants to give nationwide trainer Hansi Flick a feeling for the national team.

The World Mug hero Got can potentially profit from the offense of Marco Reus. Because of this, the door opens up again for Mario Got, claimed Ehrenberg concerning the Neu-Frankfurter: If it goes according to the performance principle, he will also be at the World Cup.

According to the ex-Münchner, the additional team compilation likewise depends on discovering a solid Bayern block: The national group has constantly been effective when there was additionally a strong Bavaria block. In enhancement to new ones in the gate and also Gimmick and Gretzky in midfield, you likewise need two reliable main defenders.

It needs to be the case to play the Globe Mug title.


Despite his recent non-nomination, the Dortmund protector additionally had greater possibilities of leaping on the Globe Cup train than Armed Bella-Kotchap, which was chosen for the first time. According to the ex-Münchner, the additional team compilation additionally depends on locating a solid Bayern block: The nationwide group has always been successful when there was also a solid Bavaria block.

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