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Holdovers designers are well able to create beautiful characters, environment and music accompanying the world of SYVAT. While Genshin Impact developers are talented in the development of the general history and regions, they also pay attention to small details that make the world of the game alive. One of these things is the food that is intricately illustrated by the creators of Hoovers. Here are the eight best dishes that can be cooked in Genshin Impact.

8 best products in Genshin Impact

Mushroom pizza for meat lovers

Mushroom pizza for fans of meat is a blessing for the Genshin Impact community. With an increase in attack by 272 and 8% CRT Rate, this dish is extremely useful before the battle. Its ingredients are also quite easy to find, and the only ingredient that may be complicated is the cheese, the preparation of which takes 10 minutes. This dish is really a universal package of Genshin Impact dishes.

Cold slicing dish

A dish with a cold cut is a healthy dish for DPS characters due to its increase in physical damage by 30% for 300 seconds. Food is useful for players with characters below the level, since it puts them on the same playing field as their enemies. The food also looks delightful, depicting a neatly organized sausage board.

cute Madame

We cannot get rid of the mental image of our characters, stuffing a whole chicken-gril in the middle of the battle in their mouths. Sweet Madame is a quick and simple way to restore health, which requires only chicken and sweet flowers. With minimal costs and a huge advantage of Sweet Madame is one of the best dishes in Genshin Impact.

Mint rolls


Minty Meat Rolls-Salvation for players who like to slide along SYVAT. Since this food reduces the consumption of endurance in planning and sprint by 20%, it is useful for obtaining achievements such as a gold license for a glider and this is the same as having wings. Since the buff lasts 900 seconds, the Minty Meat Rolls are a great way to reduce endurance consumption.

Five pickled treasures

Five Pickled Treasures is an ideal remedy when you swim almost off the shore, but your endurance is almost exhausted. With perfect preparation, this dish restores 100 endurance units, which makes it greatly not to fall and not drown. As soon as you get to the Indium, the ingredients for this dish will be easy to get, since only lavender melons and algae are needed for this.

Ronstadt Hash Brown

Although there are several dishes that restore 32% HP, Ronstadt Hash Brown looks crispy and tasty, putting it above the rest. For this dish you need simple ingredients that can be found throughout Tabata, including potatoes and pine cones. Despite a small amount of ingredients, MondStadad Hash Brown is of great usefulness and is useful during intense battle.

SYVAT eggs

SYVAT scrambled eggs are potentially the most economical way to revive your characters. This dish requires one egg, and although it restores only 100 HP, it can be supplemented with medicinal dishes. Having in his inventory the supply of SYVAT fried eggs, not a single character will leave the field for a long time.

Golden Crab

Golden crab is a wise choice for those who want to protect their characters during the battle. The dish increases the DEF of all members of the group by 261 and all therapeutic effects by 8% by 300 seconds. While strengthening protection in itself is a good reason for the preparation of this dish, healing properties are an excellent cherry on the cake.

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