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The team of train Serge Rubin played a 4-0 lead in the last third against the more advanced promo Lower Frankfurt as well as still sat down in additional time with 5: 4 (2: 0, 2: 0, 0: 4, 1: 0) via.

At the end, the success was complementary, polar bear striker Frank Maker confessed to Magenta Sporting activity, You lead 4: 0 in the house, play dominant and afterwards you piss away. The Frankfurter, who currently had 2 period success, had forced overtime with 2 objectives from the 59th min.

large cross dual cram in the last seconds

In the Mercedes-Benz Field, Kevin Clark (9th), Maker (18th), Zachary Bochum (28th) and Giovanni Fire (31st) for comfortable Berlin leadership before Magnus Eisenmenger (42. ), Dylan Work (52.) and also Brett Breitkreuz (59th, 60th) brought the master to falter. Julian Melchior redeemed the polar bears that delved into the center of the table in the overtime (62nd).

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