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Disney Dream light Valley has been available since last Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in Early Access format on all platforms. This is the perfect opportunity to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost characters from Disney and Pixar.

All media are good: either exploring the open world unlocking the passages of night thorn thanks to Dream light, or touring the castle and their magical paintings. Today we are going to see memories and the mysterious writings in the images.


┬┐Error of early access or riddle to solve?

If you have been playing Disney Dream light Valley for a few days, you will probably have realized that it is possible to collect memories when you perform actions **: gardening, fishing, mining, etc. These memories allow you to obtain fragments of images to reveal a scene from an animated Disney or Pixar movie. In the specific case of Wall-E, obtaining a memory unlocks a friendship mission.

However, some memories still have no images to reveal to us. Personally, it is feasible to think that it was just a kind of Placeholder position during early access, since not all images are currently available.

The language of memories is deciphered!

If the coded images of memories intrigue you, you will have realized that it is a special language. Fan of the animated film Atlantis , a Reddit user immediately realized that the symbols used in memories were actually the Maximalisms of Atlantis. So he immediately translated an image to reveal the following message:

The newspaper belongs to the Dream light Valley monarch. Private Reading._

As an additional comment, he specifies that all currently encoded images include the same message. This can mean that it is actually a Placeholder who expects real memories with images in the future. Anyway, maybe can bother us about the next arrival of characters from Atlantis, the lost empire as Professor Milo and Princess Kids. Especially since some places in the valley, such as the mystical cave or the ruins of the swamp, remind the Atlantis.

And if you are interested in Atlanta writing, here is a wiki in which you can consult the symbols and their phonetic correspondences.

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