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Tea Tactical equipment and Call of Duty field improvements: Modern Warfare 2 Beta They are **** valuable tools that players can use throughout the game. In this guide, we will provide details about these elements and how they can be useful during intense rounds. We will also briefly discuss the current list of lethal equipment, which are additional tools that you can use.

All tactical team in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta

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The tactical team in COD Modern Warfare 2 Beta can help aim at enemies and cause a state of confusion to nearby opponents. Here is a list of these articles in particular and what they can do:

Flash grenade Blind and defend enemies.
shock stick Electrical device that can adhere to surfaces and has the power to electrocute enemies, destroy equipment and make vehicles go crazy.
Looking from Granada Contra intelligence grenade that stimulates the shots, movement and radar firms to confuse the enemy.
AUDIENCE GRANADA Stir the movement and aim of the opponent.
Granada de smoke Start a smoke curtain that blocks automated vision and targeting systems.
tear gas Tactical explodes when impacting the ground and releases a cloud of tear gas that can cause slow movements, blurred vision and cough.
SCOPE OF THE OBSERVATORY Detects and marks enemies from distance.
Medical syringe Temporarily heals the maximum health for 2 seconds (weapons can be used with one hand during this time).
Instant of Granada It provides a momentary vision of enemies within the radius of explosion of your team.
Heart beat sensor A limited use table that can show approximate information about nearby enemies.

All field updates

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The fans’ favorite field update mechanics has returned to the Call of Duty franchise with Modern Warfare 2 Beta. With this bonus, you can use peculiarities that can prolong your duration in battle. Each field update has a slow, medium or fast recharge rate, so be sure to take it into account when selecting 1. You can also see your meter on the right side (it will light when ready):

Source: Activision through

Here is a list of all Cod Modern Warfare 2 Beta field updates:

drop-down cover Portable ballistic coverage to protect you from enemy attacks.
Tactical insertion Mark a location as its next generation point.
Trophies system It destroys up to three nearby teams and projectiles (some larger objectives can receive several shots).
Dead silence The steps are silent for a limited time. Gun, melee and throwing knife kill the duration of the update.
Hand radar Emits a newspaper radar ping to detect nearby enemies
Battle anger An experimental stimulant that will give you an adrenaline rush, which will result in a faster health regeneration, resistance to tactical equipment and a constant soda of Tactical Sprint.
MINING DEVELOPMENT When an enemy activates the mine, it will emit a constant sound wave that interrupts its vision and slows its movement.
Equipment drop Call an equipment-based load box with limited uses (each player can only use this field update once).
Tactical Chamber A remote control camera that marks the equipment. When left alone, the device will continue to monitor the area and warn the players of nearby enemies through a sound.
Ammunition box Display an ammunition and equipment for you and your teammates.
Smoke Air Liver Call a drone line that will display a smoke wall in specific locations.
Inflatable lure It confuses the players with an inflatable lure of a soldier.
Recognition drone A remote control drone with manual and marking capabilities.
DDoS A device that can deactivate electronics and interrupt enemy sensors in the immediate area for a short time.
Rounds analyzing It provides weapon ammunition that applies additional damage against armored objectives: vehicles, equipment, bulletproof vests and objectives behind a penetrable cover.

The entire lethal team listed

Source: Activision through

In addition to the tactical equipment and field improvements, you can use the following lethal elements in MW2 beta to inflict damage to enemies:

  • Fragmentation grenade
  • Proximity mine
  • Termite
  • Semtex
  • Drilling load

* C4
* Throwing knife
* Molotov cocktail
* Old house
That is enough for our guide on All tactical equipment and Call of Duty field updates: Modern Warfare 2 Beta .
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