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Lee Young-do Lee Young-do also unveiled the visual concept trailer of the artist’s fantasy novel, Drinking Tears on the official YouTube channel.

The trailer is the first second production based on the visual R & D artwork of the Bird of Tears. Craft Tone explained that the trailer introduced the philosophy and will of Crampon to grow the Tear Birds into a global IP (intellectual property), and was produced to vividly show the results of the visual R & D that has been carried out so far. In addition, the company also plans to provide various types of contents to global users through the expansion of IP, which is faithful to the original work.

This video, which was produced by using Unreal Engine, reproduced the scene where Kagan Drama, the main character of the novel, kills the reconnaissance. The trailer showed Kagan’s cruel side and at the same time revealed his terrible feelings through Kagan’s monologue and background music. You can listen to Korean and English, and Korean dubbing was recorded by SWAK Yoosung, who played Kagan in the audiobook of ‘Drinking Birds’ published in 2020.

Craft ton has been carrying out visual R & D, which will be the cornerstone of expanding the novel IP to various media for the past two years. In August, the company announced a new game project ‘Unannounced Project’ based on the IP of ‘Tearing Birds’ and unveiled some visual R & D artwork on the testing site of the project. This work is in charge of concept artist MAIN McCain, who participated in the initial character visualization of various blockbuster films such as Team Windless, the Star Wars and the Avengers, led by Crampon Son Kwangju Art Director.


Craft ton plans to publish an art book of Tearing Birds, the result of visual R & D within the year, and plans to introduce graphic noble to inform more global readers of Tearing Birds next year.

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