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4 begins, no victory for the german rowing fleet, has actually been obstacle at the Globe Cup in the Czech Republic. On the 2nd day of the title fights on the Racine regatta route, no DRV team was able to certify for the semi-finals straight. Unlike the day previously, with initial triumphs by Oliver Nadler and also Alexandra Foster in one, motivating outcomes were not offered this moment. The female’s increases, who had already disappointed in Munich 5 weeks ago, did not come beyond 4th location in the 6th EM-Rang in Munich.

The early World Cup departure of the guy’s dual wider in addition annihilates the currently little drv fleet. As sports supervisor Mario Wolds confirmed to the German Press Firm, the duo Max Appeal (Magdeburg) and also Moritz Wolff (Berlin) does not begin a beginning in the quarter-finals on Wednesday. The duo had just hard to receive the quarter-finals the day in the past. After the World Cup end of the obviously contested two rowers, the DRV is just represented with eight boats in the Olympic self-controls.

contested? Dual two increases too soon.

The competitors were gone along with by brand-new criticism from professional athlete circles at the association administration, which had currently emerged prior to the European Championship in Munich. Achter-Schlagmann Torn Johannesen defined the previous attempts by the DRV to lower voltages with the convening of a professional council as Farce as well as whined that in this guidance individuals are in the emphasis of objection.

Achter-Schlagmann: Specialist Council is a farce.

The competitions were accompanied by new criticism from athlete circles at the organization management, which had actually already occurred prior to the European Champion in Munich. The early World Cup departure of the male’s double wider furthermore decimates the already small DRV fleet.


The various other three German boats started in the 14 Olympic courses likewise have to go right into the hope run. The light female’s increases left the best impression, which only needed to surrender the staff from Ireland. The four without a helmsman and the female’s increases missed the straight semi-finals as the 3rd.

The World Cup starts on Tuesday for the Germany 8. In the lead (1:01 p.m.), the crew meets Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic and also the Netherlands. After 4th place at the European Champion in Munich, the unpredictability regarding efficiency is excellent. From missed A last to winning a medal, every little thing remains in there, said Johannesen.

Four starts, no success for the german rowing fleet, has been problem at the World Cup in the Czech Republic. The female’s increases, that had already let down in Munich 5 weeks earlier, did not come past fourth area in the sixth EM-Rang in Munich.

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