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You can begin telephone calls, allure to these individuals to get these scenes from the stadiums. 99 percent of the spectators behaved faultlessly, the trainer is sorry for concerning this one percent.

They comprehend, yet they are mainly frustrated by the concerns that are presently just sidetracking from football. Due to the fact that you, gamers and coaches of 1. FC Cologne, can not provide a response to exactly how to fix the troubles that have actually been controlled considering that last Thursday (Wonderful) and also have actually been boosting the headlines because Tuesday (Marseille).

Rampart: violence in football has boosted once more

Rampart does not want to transform anything under the table: We have to proceed as well as take a position. However, I observe that violence has raised in football all at once. Not only in Germany.

Sufficient criminal activity, football is also played. FC Slovak from the Czech Republic is experienced, otherwise tough to examine. Well, the video game analysts will certainly provide the coaching group (as well as after that the gamers) the most crucial features, entirely oblivious no FC specialist will enter the yard in Müngersdorf.

A sentence that hits the black and also relativize like Pizza’s fitness instructor Lucien Favre, who desired to wash serious criminal French last week. The transmitted photos showed another thing early. Violence is a problem in football, but not the trouble of a nation.

extra concern no reason for weaker solutions

They comprehend, however they are mostly frustrated by the questions that are currently just distracting from football. FC Cologne, can not offer a solution to exactly how to address the issues that have been dominated since last Thursday (Good) and have been increasing the headings given that Tuesday (Marseille).

Positive outlook dominates, and also the very first Bundesliga insolvency last Sunday against Union Berlin does not transform anything. As well as neither gamers neither of the instructors are ready to condemn the added worry for weaker solutions: In our sight, the young boys can cope with it well. Rampart: The kids march.

Sufficient criminal activity, football is likewise played.

I observe that violence has raised in football as a whole. Violence is trouble in football, however not the issue of a nation.

Right-back Benny Schmitz shares what feeling will dominate prior to this first home game of the Conference Organization: It is something really special for every player to play globally. We worked hard for it last season.

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