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The second section remained just as exciting, yet the toss rates sank on both sides. 3:40 minutes prior to half-time, national coach Gordon Herbert paused after Costs Papanikolaou had a well-balanced temporary briefing titans Antetokounmpo with 2 converted free tosses for the favorite’s very first lead.

The German team made a wonderful beginning. In the initial five minutes, the DBB giants drizzled in 3: 7 of 8 efforts found their way right into their way-almost inhumane quota. It was a popular beginning of the hosts, however the Greeks could not be trembled off, thanks to their superstar Giannis Antetocounmpo, additionally remained accessible. The 27-year-old made it to 13 points in the first quarter alone and contributed substantially to the favored Hellenes just shed the incredible first quarter with 27:31.

Slovaks’ threesome from the center line ends spectacular first half


Franz Wagner did not complain about the choices of the referees ( that is component of the video game) in half-time, instead he mentioned weaknesses in his own video game. We need to defend better and also much better rebound, stated the 21-year-old at RTL in the criminal offense, the Greeks had advantages in the rebound.

This was not a turning point in this hectic and magnificent battle, because the German group proceeded to play bravely, audacious as well as maintained the suit open. Nevertheless, 2 regrettable choices against Germany (Goal tending in a block by Daniel This and also tip error at Dennis Schröder) as well as a successful threesome from Costs Slovaks from the center line made sure that the German group with a four-point shortage (57:61) in the half-time went.

Bare strong 20: 1 run in the 3rd quarter

A little later he additionally complied with the German captain Schröder, with 26 factors as well as eight assists in the most effective German, that just got his 2nd technical foul whistled after Giannis’ exclusion and also subsequently needed to go out earlier.

If the initial half was still formed by an amazing offense, the DBB titans discovered in the third quarter to their protective strength that has been revealed so commonly in this European Champion. For Schröder there was praise from the ranks, as well as for the German team, which in the end thanks to their best tournament efficiency so far with 107: 96 and also entered the semi-finals.

The German group made a superb beginning. In the very first 5 minutes, the DBB titans drizzled in 3: 7 of 8 efforts located their method into their way-almost inhumane quota. The 27-year-old made it to 13 points in the initial quarter alone and added dramatically to the favorite Hellenes just lost the incredible very first quarter with 27:31.

Germany-Greece 107: 96 (31: 27.26: 34.26: 10.24: 25).

With a view of semi-final challengers Spain, the facility from the Indiana Pacers disclosed that would such as to pay a billing. Five years earlier, the German team left the quarter-finals versus Spain (72:84).

For Schröder there was applause from the rankings, along with for the German group, which ultimately many thanks to their finest competition efficiency so far with 107: 96 and also entered the semi-finals. There it goes on Friday against world champion Spain, who had formerly insisted himself versus the surprise team from Finland with 100: 90. Along with Schröder, Wagner as well as Andreas Oust likewise protruded with 19 points, while This won a tremendous 16 rebounds before the eyes of basketball legends Dirk Nowitzki.

The Greeks woke up again, however since This met 83:71 at the end of the clock, we went into the last quarter with a twelve-point lead. In this the favored reared up once again, yet Germany played concentrated and also focused-and then also profited from an unsportsmanlike nasty that was whistled against Giannis Antetokounmpo for an impetuous activity versus Jo Thailand five minutes prior to completion. Since the two-time NBA MVP had already seen an unsportsmanlike method of a nasty on Schröder prior to half-time, it finished early for 31 points, eight assists and 7 rebounds.

This has an open costs.

If the first half was still formed by an incredible infraction, the DBB titans discovered in the 3rd quarter to their protective strength that has actually been revealed so frequently in this European Championship. Since the remainder of the group deteriorated in the Hellenes, Germany pulled away to 77:62 with a 20: 1 run.

Under stress: Giannis Antetokounmpo, pressed below by Dennis Schröder as well as Johannes Voigtmann, hardly obtained any small throws after half-time. Imago/Camera4+.

Information Germany: Schröder (without a club) 26, Oust (FC Bayern Munich) 19, Wagner (Orlando Magic) 19, This (Indiana Pacers) 13, Thailand (Alba Berlin) 10, Voigtmann (SKA Moscow) 8, Weiler-Babb (FC Bayern Munich) 6, Highway (without a club) 3, LO (Alba Berlin) 3.
Greece: G. Antetokounmpo 31, Lanais 18, Dorsey 13, Slovaks 8, Agrarianism 7, Papanikolaou 7, Papagiannis 6, T. Antetokounmpo 4, Lathes 2.
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