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ELECTRONIC ARTS and Goa Team Games announced on September 13 that they are co-developing New Hunting Action Games . ELECTRONIC ARTS’s label EA Originals and Goa Team Games force will experience the AAA class experience. Detailed information on the title will be announced in late September this month.


Goa Team Games force is one of the company’s development teams. Since the former Goa era, he has developed mainly Musou series, including Shin Sang Musou. In recent years, he has also worked on other companies’ IP works such as Fire Emblem Musou Luka Suzuki and Persona 5 Scramble The Phantom Strikers, as well as the Japanese-style hunting action Shin ken Den series. EA Originals, on the other hand, is a public label of Electronic Arts. I am in charge of publishing works such as IT TAKES TWO, Knockout City, and A Way Out.

The hunting action game that has been revealed this time is the original title in which EA Originals and force are jointly developing. The stage is the Middle Ages fantastic Japan. Although the details of the game are not disclosed, it seems to be a magnificent hunting game in the AAA class.

The press release also includes comments by the two companies. According to Jeff Damon of EA PARTNERS GM, force combined the ability of combat game development with innovative mechanisms, raising the genre of hunting action games to the next level. Meanwhile, Goa Team Games, Vice President, commented on the fact that the company joins the EA resource as a development, to deliver unprecedented hunting action games to players around the world. The development of AAA-scale groundbreaking action games is being developed.

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