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+++ Just how do you have to bet Lewy? +++.

+++ Why didn’t Musial always play? +++.

Stefan Ehrenberg states: For me, a whistle would certainly have been affixed to Leverkusen against Leverkusen.

+++ Why is Bavaria under Nagelsmann not sovereign? +++.

Salihamidzic was able to deal with the draw against a strongly playing Union Berlin. But we ought to have won against Playback. As well as today we should have scored the third goal. A little positive self-image as well as the resolution were missing, claimed the 45-year-old, that included in the upcoming Champions Organization game: That was insufficient today. We need to change 2 training courses up, for Barcelona three..

Salihamidzic admits that the charge was qualified to VfB Stuttgart in added time. CFB s supervisor Sven Militant had talked of a Bayern lobby after the video game, given that the Swabians were formerly revoked a goal. It is very shocking that the coworker notes this Bavaria reward.

Salihamidzic: We understand it quite well, the kids will certainly understand that. We play at house and also desire to win..

The round is open. Hasan Salihamidzic is first addressed to the 3rd pull in a row. Exactly how is Bavaria? Not so excellent. We are missing out on four factors. At Union, you can play a draw, yet we lack factors against Playback as well as Stuttgart, claimed the Munich s director.

+++ FC Bayern stumbles with Lewandowski +++.

+++ Ehrenberg regarding the striker situation +++.

Salihamidzic: Naturally I more than happy for all of us, that we have actually made this image of FC Bayern that we had in public. Currently, we are one action better and also have to acquaint ourselves with the appreciation for the transfer market Period can currently be pressed apart..

I am constantly upset when we really did not win. It had not been sufficient. It was much also little movement, intensity and this movement that we would certainly otherwise prompt the square, stated the Bosnian.

We had actually desired to invest money in the years. Bayern Munich constantly has to pay interest to the monetary and make feeling.

+++ Handpielerger in the Bundesliga +++.

The former midfielder does not wish to hang too expensive. That’s a phase. However, he is an extraordinary player..

Salihamidzic: I can describe that. He is a significant player..

Could Not Joshua Circle could be the male you were seeking? I think he needs to take an additional step to grow therein. We have now done it so that we can keep buying it back..

Stefan Ehrenberg: Sadly an occupation ends. He also has to be healthy, otherwise it does not function.

As necessary, there are consequently conversations concerning the pros and also cons of the departure of the 2nd best Bundesliga goal marker of all time in the double pass on Sunday.

It troubled him that we are now taking a scene versus Bayern Munich and make something like a Bavaria lobby from it, stated the ing activities’ supervisor. Discussing it for a hr currently is excessive for me..

Salihamidzic: In the end we determined that we would certainly offer it. We would have stayed no if we had no substitute. It was just feasible since we took money..

+++ Are the Bavaria celebrities dissatisfied? +++.


Ehrenberg: The extensions with new, Müller, Gary were just as crucial. That was a big point for Bavaria. There can just be appreciation. It is currently as much as the young boys..

If this is an excellent idea, Hasan Salihamidzic is asked: Of training course not, especially such a player. He is a huge gamer.

Making use of the instance of Jamal Musial, that was not used several times in the initial couple of weeks of the season, a discussion establishes whether Julian Nagelsmann turns a lot of players.

+++ What are the Bavaria policies for social media sites? +++.

Ehrenberg: We need to make it clear: In addition to Lewandowski, there are just 2 on the globe market. Benzema and also Kana as well as you can’t obtain them. And after that this Bavaria offensive has an extraordinary capacity..

The last-minute difference versus VfB Stuttgart on Saturday has actually left clear traces at Bavaria. Quickly after the final whistle, ing activities’ supervisor Salihamidzic went hard with the players.

After the third pull in a row, FC Bayern is in a small result situation in the Bundesliga. The weakest beginning to the period in twelve years also has in charges of Munich. On Sunday, s supervisor Hasan Salihamidzic will talk about the status quo at the record champions.

Salihamidzic: I am looking onward to the game, to attractive football. Salihamidzic is asked whether some FC Bayern gamers are now disappointed with Julian Nagelsmann’s leadership style: Each of us is asked, the gamers as well. Salihamidzic: We had a perfect beginning, also won in the Champions League. If this is an excellent idea, Hasan Salihamidzic is asked: Of course not, specifically such a player. Hasan Salihamidzic, who understands Nike Kovacs from Munich from time with each other, says with respect to the choice of the VFL coach: Of course he has his concepts.

Salihamidzic applauded the beginner and also its mindset. Mane currently had two games in which it didn’t go.

Along with Salihamidzic Stefan Effs berg, Pit Gottschalk (editor-in-chief 1), Oliver Trust (self-employed journalist) and also Manuel Thieve (YouTuber), the valley round at the Hilton Munich Flight Terminal Hotel.

Hasan Salihamidzic, who knows Nike Kovacs from Munich from time with each other, states with respect to the choice of the VFL instructor: Of program he has his principles. I’m sorry since he (Ruse, note. A great footballer is.

Salihamidzic is asked whether some FC Bayern gamers are now dissatisfied with Julian Nagelsmann’s leadership design: Each of us is asked, the players as well. When it concerns defense, there is UPA, Lucas, Matthias: It is difficult, to allow it out. Who heads out? It’s tough..

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+++ Was the Lewandowski sale fix? +++.

Salihamidzic: We talked concerning a coffee together. We hoped that we still win the game.

+++ Conversation about Ruses from in Wolfsburg +++.

Ehrenberg: It will be a big obstacle. I’ll say it such as this: Lewandowski will certainly make use of the chances that Bavaria just recently excluded..

Ehrenberg: After such an inter video game: that would be way too much rotation for me as a gamer. I would not have played with six brand-new individuals..

more: After deterioration: Max Ruse articles Grinse-Selfie.

Salihamidzic replies: It is clear and entitled that we are now discussing it since we have not won. If we had won, it would not be. Barça saved gamers also, yet they won 4: 0..

Salihamidzic: We had a perfect begin, likewise won in the Champions Organization. Everybody understands that too Player. I believe that was also ok after the Champions League video game.

+++ Transfer landmarks: Brazil obtains encouragement +++.

Is Mathis Tel the one who can develop right into a number 9? He is 17, has a great deal of qualities, this nose, the shot: he is the best talent in Europe in this setting. Naturally, whatever was agreed with the fitness instructor, Brazil pressed after. We lack Robert’s goals, but we have adaptability..

Umpire organizer Lutz Wagner is turned on and also talk about 2 various other questionable situations from the Bremen games versus Augsburg as well as Bertha against Leverkusen. Once there was a charge, as soon as not.

VFL train Nike Kovacs stated on the sidelines of the game versus Frankfurt not to rely upon Max Ruse any longer.

I want to say it this means: it was a slip. We turn a lot, the coach also has to satisfy several players. I additionally informed him: I like that we sometimes play a draw than that we have actually dissatisfied players.

They additionally have firms that suggest them. I am not on the relocation on Instagram, Twitch or What that suggests, says Hasan Salihamidzic.

Before Stuttgart’s Grassy’s goal, there is a Refer from Zurich to Gimmick in the charge location. Eviction is withdrew according to the video proof. Salihamidzic claims: He draws the nasty, he feels the pull. I didn’t manage it anymore. I would have whistled that also, he is likewise my gamer. In midfield, the umpire would certainly have whistled..

What does Stefan Ehrenberg get out of Julian Nagelsmann? It is the greatest obstacle for this young gamer if you have 20 national players in the team. He does not yet have the experience that a Jump Dances has. It is tough to clarify to the gamers that they don’t play. It is not Cofferdam, yet Bayern Munich. He also has to discover to share this in journalism conferences. In the end, the trainer needs to address as well as make a decision that. And also if the results do not come, it will be reviewed..

Ehrenberg: I was revolved two to 3 times, as well as you ask yourself: Why? Julian has to Additionally learn to clarify to these leading celebrities that they have to go to the bench..

+++ Brazil about the nasty on Gimmick +++.

It was not a penalty in Bremen, it would certainly have been best to proceed playing here. If we see the game in Berlin in the context, it is understandable that there is no whistle, Since the player still draws his arm away..

Ehrenberg then guarantees a laugh in the round: I have actually been thinking for ten mins, as that indicates. Twitch? Such a children’s channel?.

We additionally have to look at the equilibrium sheets. The boys also make a lot.

A specific Robert Lewandowski is presently causing a feeling at Barça. While FC Bayern is presently often missing out on the necessary awesome reaction, the post in Catalonia satisfies the present quantity.

Are the talks with Harry Kane already run? Perhaps likewise with his bro Charlie? I didn’t talk with any person, replies Salihamidzic.

If FC Bayern may have had to employ a brand-new number 9 once more, Pit Gottschalk asks the Bavaria s board: We have self-confidence in the players that exist. Serge (Gary), he did not satisfy yesterday, but is Typically a killer, we have Mane. We asked ourselves who would be better than those that we already have..

Lewandowski goes back to Munich with FC Barcelona. Salihamidzic: I am expecting the game, to eye-catching football. These are the ready which we live and also function. He is a player who has actually won every little thing with us. I will not whistle. The followers have a particular sense of it..

+++ Lewandowski involves Munich +++.

goes along with the TV appearance of the Bavaria official in the Doppelpass at 1 on 11. September from 11:00 a.m. I’m live blog site !

+++ How is the third Bavaria draw? +++.

+++ Salihamidzic: Ruse as well as VFL have to clear up that +++.

Does it annoy Salihamidzic when an FC Barcelona invests a lot of cash? I’m not looking there, but it is surprising..

+++ vertebrae for referee choices +++.

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