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Splat ton 3-third-person shooter, known for his playing with painting. This is an instant hit, so Nintendo already has plans for additional content. The company has high hopes for this exclusive for Nintendo Switch, since they already have planned content for two years. These plans guarantee new weapons, modes, cosmetics and much more. It’s all great, but will DLC be for Platoon 3 in terms of one large-scale paid expansion?

What can we expect from Platoon 3 DLC?

Nintendo is so confident in the success of the game that I announced DLC for Platoon 3 even before its release! There is not so much information about expansion, but Nintendo said that we can expect a large paid DLC. Judging by the picture from the announcement, we can say with confidence that characters of Perl and Marina will become part of DLC .

What additional content is it planned for Platoon 3?

Splat on 3 DLC is only a part of a large picture where the game will be regularly updated. The main attention will be paid to new weapons and cosmetics, but new modes are also mentioned. To begin with, two modes have been stated as free updates:

X Battle *-Mod is reserved for the best players.
Battle of the League *-The emphasis is on team competitions.

As for cosmetics, Nintendo will try to add new clothes every three months, until the game is popular (or until the Platoon 4 is released). If you want to share your game experience with friends, find out how to play Platoon 3 on the couch in a cooperative or on a divided screen with friends.

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