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Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is one of the streamers of Fortnite most popular of the moment on Twitch, a position he has maintained for years. However, it seems that this stage in his life could come to an end, since the player has pointed out that he has fed up with Battle Royale.

Recently, Ninja carried out one of his many streams, where, after a somewhat complicated session, he mentioned being fed up with the type of players he has faced. Immediately, Blevins decided to close Fortnite, and finished his session in a premature and unexpected way.

Along with this, Ninja has also taken a break from social networks , abandoning his Twitter account after publishing the following message:

I just need a break… I don’t know when I will come back or where.

Although many have pointed out that Ninja needs to take a break to take care of their mental health, a serious problem that many content and streamers features face, others have mentioned that this could well be a tactic to announce its departure from Twitch.

As you surely remember, Ninja has had exclusive contracts with Mixer and Twitch, so ** the possibility that we will eventually see streamer on YouTube Gaming, for example, for example, in the future. We only have to wait and see what will be the next step in Blevins’ career. In related issues, it seems that a concert by Lady Gaga will arrive at Fortnite.

Editor’s note:

Ninja, as well as other streamers, are in a position, have been pigeoned in a single element, something that has negative consequences in his mental health. This is something that even Pokimane has mentioned, and it seems that the solution is to change course, and expect your fans to accept this.

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