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_ FIFA 23 will arrive on the market until September 30. However, an error made by EA has caused the filtration of this delivery in its entirety. All this was possible to a problem that arose during the beta tests, which gave access to the full version to many players.

A couple of days ago the beta tests of fifa 23, where the players had access to a limited amount of modes. However, due to a problem caused by an update, many players obtained the Ultimate Edition of the game . In this way, part of the Soundtrack, the official stockings of the Liverpool players, of Arsenal and some equipment of the Premier groups, and more information has begun to circulate online.

To prevent more people from having access to the game a month before its launch, the fifa 23 servers have closed. In the same way, all those who already have this delivery in their hands are at risk that any information and live broadcast they do, be eliminated almost immediately.


In related issues, another error caused that fifa 23 be sold for only $ 6 cents. Similarly, EA believes that players love FIFA Ultimate Team.

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