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Netease Games has released the latest development update on the game system of the new open world survival once Human announced at the IGN Summer of Gaming 2022.


This is an open world survival game with sandbox elements. Set in a post-apocalypse world, players form a team as the remnants of humanity, Beyonder, and stand up to rebuild civilization. We will build a base and survive while fighting strange monsters and other teams.

This latest update focuses on environmental systems such as electricity, weather, and resources that greatly improve the survival experience of the game. Added an electric system as a new energy source. Workbench, lighting, and all devices are required through devices such as generators, wind power, and biomass. In addition, the unique energy device has an anomaly generator, which is contained in a special container and converts it into electricity. The weather systems are simulating various weather conditions, and seems to affect the players themselves and surrounding environments. Regarding resources, it has improved so that more natural and smooth collection is possible in the world. Please check this out for details.

The new open world survival ONCE HUMAN, which stands up to save humankind, is accepting pre-registration on the official website for PC/iOS/Android. Within the next few months, a beta test that allows you to experience these functions will be started.

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