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The German kayak fourth gave the German Canoe Association (DKV) the very first title at the European Champions in Munich in the very first last.

The quartet around the two-time Olympic champion Tom Liebscher swayed the non-Olympic distance of 1000 m with much less than half a second in advance of the Spanish boat. Bronze went to Hungary with a void of 2 and also a fifty percent seconds.

Liebscher beinged in the boat on Friday rather of Jacob Schopf, that starts in the mid-day in the kayak one over 500 m. For the 29-year-old Dresden Liebscher, it was currently the sixth gold medal at an EM.

canoe, European Champion in Munich


Male, kayak 4th, 1000m

1. Germany (Tobias-Pascal Schultz/Essen, Tom Liebscher/Dresden, Martin Hiller/Potsdam, Felix Frank/Karlsruhe) 2: 53.174 min.; 2. Spain (Francisco Cubelos, Return Of Investment Rodriguez, Pedro Vázquez, Inigo Pena) +0.453 seconds; 3. Hungary (Mark Mizser, Kornél Béke, Csaba Erdossy, Tamas Erdelyi) +2.574; 4. Serbia +2.637; 5. Czech Republic +4.855; 6. Sweden +5.418; 7. Slovakia +6.410

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