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According to its own declaration, Pudenz promptly discovered of her deep athletics championships in the USA. At the Globe Cup a few weeks ago she got to the final fight, yet was from the medal race after 3 clutters in the final and was just eleventh.

The Olympic second Kristin Pudenz cheered her very first EM medal with individual best. The 29-year-old discus thrower took second position on Tuesday evening in the Munich Olympic Stadium with 67.87 meters in an interesting competitors. The success went to the Croatian protecting champ Sandra Perkovic, whose discus flew just 8 centimeters. It was her 6th title together.


Bronze additionally mosted likely to the German group through Claudine Vita. The 25-year-old in Neubrandenburg reached her seasonal order of 65.20 meters. Pudenz ‘silver was soon after decathlon gold for Niklas Kaul, the 2nd medal of the evening for the German athletes in the Olympic Stadium at these European Championships.

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