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NCsoft opened its official brand media ‘NC Play’ on the 16th.

NC Play is a channel that NC reorganized the NCsoft’s official blog, which has been informed of companies, brand stories, and game information. It is an interactive platform that allows you to see various contents optimized for digital media and mobile.

Specifically, it is divided into a newsroom-type news tab and a Play tab where you can experience content optimized for digital media. In the NEWS tab, content series dealing with NC’s value, culture, game, and R & D technology is posted, and the Play tab contains participating content such as interactive, short foam, and story-type along with video and webtoons.


In particular, the story touch function for interactive content was introduced. This is a feature that allows you to touch the mobile screen to enjoy the next screen.The new PC and console TL ‘Interactive novel’ TL PLAY NOVEL ‘containing the worldview of the world. You can enjoy the open interactive content.

In addition, the English page was reorganized together. We offer a large number of content in blogs in Korean and English, so we can see NC News and content.

NC Park Myung-jin PBO (Principal Brand Officer) said, It is a new type of brand media platform that effectively conveys various creative content that is trying under the brand philosophy of enjoyment. I want to present it.

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