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Today the indie games usually take retro ideas to bring nostalgia to fans, and precisely that happened with titles such as Golf Story and Dodgeball Academy , titles based on Mario Sports RPG. And now, Soccer Story has been announced, which aims to process the same premise, but now with the famous sport that is the favorite of many.

This game is being developed neither more nor less than by Panicbam , and today has released its revelation trailer where you can see the style of characters with classic touches that can remember the PS1 . For their part, it is seen that these avatars have status as well as in RPG releases, to that we can add neither more nor less than riddles.


Here you can see the first official advance of this game:

This is the synopsis of Soccer Story :

The world may well have finished-Soccer S.A. It has closed all local stadiums, equipment and tournaments. What kind of world can survive without the beautiful game? Luckily a magic football ball has chosen you, our Savior of Soccer!

For now the video game does not have a confirmed launch date, so we must wait to have more information from the development team and the Publisher. Although, they did mention that it will be released on any possible platform, that includes PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch , as well as the PC . There is even Steam .

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