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Two Point Campus is an ideal Simulator game for PC and Xbox. This allows players to immerse themselves in their creative abilities and organization and take on the task of managing their own college campuses. They have to face some unique difficulties when they go deeper into magic and stop an evil curse, survive the infamous party school and create musical stars of the future from scratch. You decide how to manage a school and help it achieve success, making students happy and constantly improving the criteria and equipment of your campus-and a great way to do this is to conduct research!

For research, you will need research laboratory . This is a more expensive room for construction, but it is worth it. You can add additional equipment to your laboratory, but the most important thing is large mechanisms. This is used to study various materials to expand your campus. By clicking on the car, you can start a new research project. However, you will need a researcher for research.


how to get a researcher

Any teacher is able to conduct research in your laboratory, but employees with research skill will significantly increase the speed and power of your research. Pull the mouse pointer to any employee hired or already hired, and find the telescope icon-this indicates that they are experienced researchers. You can pick them up and put them in your laboratory to delegate the task for them.

The researcher does not have to be in the room so that you can choose a project. Just click Start a new project on your laboratory equipment and select the project that you want to complete. Depending on the project, the study can take several game days and cost you money. However, for the development of the project, employees members must be present in the room all the time . Since employees may have other responsibilities in campus, they can leave the room by suspending your process until they enter again. Instead of the project indicator, a red symbol of the teacher’s hat will appear, signaling the need to add another researcher or wait for his return. As soon as the counter is filled, he will tell you that your project is completed, and your hard work will be paid by generous awards!

What does the study do?

The completion of the research project can mean many useful awards for your campus. He can unlock new items for classrooms, earn you additional money or develop improved equipment updates that increase training statistics. Sometimes students will need certain subjects for their studies, which can only be unlocked in the course of research, so it is important that you continue as many research as possible to promote your campus along with growing classes.

Research is vital for any promising company striving for growth and success. That is why this is a great idea for your campus-so that you can provide your students with a comprehensive, technologically advanced and prepared environment. Continue in the same spirit, and your campus will flourish!

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