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In an inexorable way we reach a new cycle of changes. Teamfight Tactics continues hooking everyone who plays it and there are more and more those that bind Autobattler of Riot Games inspired by the world of Runaterra and in League of Legends. Unlike the last patch, The 12.14 , which was huge and marked a before and after in the metajuego, the new update is more modest.

There are hardly three increases , as well as a handful of synergies, champions and objects. Without more prior entertainment, we leave you with the changes in patch 12.15 of TFT.

Summary of changes

Champions changes

Improvements: * Ezreal, Kayn, Twitch, Lee Sin, Xayah, Karma, Ashe, Talon, Ao Shin, Yasuo.
Nerfs: Nami, Shyvana, Corki,
Settings: Senna.

Changes to objects

* NERFS: Eternal winter and rocket fist (ORNN objects), gargoyle stone protector.

Changes to systems

IMPROVEMENTS: * Eye of the storm, interhicic orb orb, stay united
Settings: Disorderly mind, late play specialist, careless expense

Changes to synergies

* Nerfs: Jades

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