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Tower of Fantasy combines fantasy and science fiction, creating a unique world of Aida, exciting the gameplay and various characters. They are divided into characters and simulars. Zero is a simulacrum that you can unlock in the game, which can make you think about who Zero is and what his abilities are in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is Zero in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero is an alienated and brilliant simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. Despite the fact that he looks young, it is impossible to find out the age of Zero, because he destroyed all the notes about his past . He is smart and competitive, but often ignores everything that he does not consider important because of his pride.

How to get Zero at Tower of Fantasy?

Zero, most likely, will be obtained through the intra-game scaffolding. But Hotta Studio has not yet disclosed information about how the Gachi system will work, so we do not have enough specific information for this issue. We will update this leadership as soon as the relevant information appears, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.


Gample Tower of Fantasy Zero-weapons, abilities and skills

At the moment, the exact skills and abilities of Zero are unknown, but Hotta Studio has released a short teaser of his gameplay through Twit on the official Twitter fantasy tower. It seems that he uses an attack style in digital topics, which includes fire and strong ao attack. These attacks have a good casting effect, which can be useful for holding enemies in fear. Various skins were also shown in tweet, which gave you the opportunity to choose from several styles.

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