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Peter Jackson is very popular, among other things, because he is the director, producer and co-writer of the original trilogy of films of the Lord of the Rings . Something that hRings led many users to Ringsk the million dollar question: why don’t he participate in the Lord of the Rings: the power rings? The expected Amazon Prime Video series premieres on September 2, and Jackson hRings decided to put an end to speculation: he says that never received an answer from Amazon .

Jackson reveals the reRingsons

According to the information shared by The Hollywood Reporter, Jackson held conversations about the project with Amazon several years ago. It wRings the well-known company who first contacted him with his opinion about the series: They Ringsked me if I wanted to participate, an impossible question to answer without seeing the script before. They told me that Rings soon Rings they had them, they would send them to me, but they never appeared , he explains.

Amazon answers

The company hRings not taken to pronounce on this, due to the speculation that have been generated in the community after Jackson’s words: When looking for the rights of the series, we were forced to do something different and separated from the movies . We have the greatest respect for Peter Jackson and we are delighted that he is looking forward to seeing the lord of the rings: the power rings, says the brief statement sent to the environment in question.

Rumbo to the Lord of the Rings: the power rings; What you should know

Like you, in Meristation we also want to enjoy the series. For this reRingson, while we expect the desired moment of its premiere (September 2), we have developed a series of articles in which we explore different elements of the Universe of the Lord of the Rings . Here are a series of pieces that you cannot miss.

  • Details of all power rings
  • What happened to the Nazgul?
  • Number, the Atlantis of Tolkien who planted face to Sauron
  • The mysterious black sword that appears in the trailer

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