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In his second year as a FCB coach, Nagelsmann is under stress, specifically in the mug, where the end of the 2nd round was lately once more in the 2nd round, and also a lot more in the Champions League is anticipated in the new season. I put the stress on myself, Nagelsmann calmed on Thursday at the PK of the Match Day prior to the battle in Frankfurt.

It was much less than 3 months ago that Julian Nagelsmann could not get away quickly sufficient from the town hall balcony on Marienplatz. The Bayern coach let himself be celebrated briefly for his initial champion, however then promised to return to the workplace today to hold extra in the hands in the coming spring than simply the master dish.

without Lewandowski: One critic much less and also around 50 goals

To maintain the great mood, Nagelsmann, as he states, reads really, extremely little for a number of months. A little bit of apocalypet mood is spread because we got a few brand-new players.

With Robert Lewandowski, the instructor got rid of a doubter, but at the very same time around 50 objectives of goals. You need to compensate for that, he knows, attempting with two tips, who need to be called Sadio Mané as well as Serge Gnabry again for the Bundesliga begin on Friday night (8.30 p.m., live! I believe that our team has actually improved, claims Nagelsmann, who is ensured not that currently searches for justifications or alibis.


So he puts the pressure on himself, however: The pressure you, ie the media, intend to do, I do not feel.

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