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This is the first free title update scheduled to be held in August at the Hunting ACT Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake for Nintendo Switch/Steam Hunting ACT. Therefore, an image of weapons enhancement has been released about the new feature puppet creation which is scheduled to be added.

Puppet-bleaching has been released to the public information on armor enhancement, but information on weapon enhancement has been released here. From the image, you can see the keyword puppet slot and each reinforced item.

In the strengthening target, Installation Schneiden, there are three empty slots and two non-expanded slots. It may be embedded that strengthening attack power and enhancement of criticality may be embedded, or the slots are expanded, and weapons may be enhanced to your liking.

A similar system is Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone Custom Enhancement. On SNS, experienced people said, Oh! Custom enhancement! It is unknown that the same system is unknown, but expectations for further strengthening are increasing. Let’s look forward to the details.

In the first free title update, Narugakuruga Rare Species, Guren Run Baselgius, Multiple Monster, Rare Monster, Special Individual Monster, and the new field Tower’s Destin appeared. It’s a schedule.

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