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In Stray, you can find various collecting items. Some of them are associated with history and reveal more details, and some can be collected as a test. They are combined in various items that Barten sells and orders. Those who are looking for a 100 percent name may be wondered where to find all objects in Slums in Stray.

Barterman sells music sheet , electric cable and mysterious relic . It requires Bank of Energy drinks , Detergent Super alcohol and three more banks for energy drinks for exchange for these items. Here is the location of all objects in Stray.

where to find the Super Spirit detergent in Stray

The Super Spirit detergent is in laundry space on the shelf when you first enter. First, you need to climb onto the roof and force two robots throwing buckets with paint, drop one, meow. This leads to the fact that the paint is sprayed to the ground, and Cosmo removes it. Enter inside and take the Super Spirit detergent on the table to the left of the entrance.

What to do with the Super Spirit detergent in Stray

Having received the Super Spirit detergent, return to barterman in the store. Exchange this item for an electric cable. You will need this to promote the plot.

where to find an electric cable in Stray

An electric cable is one of the items, Barten sells . You need to find the Super Spirit detergent to get this item. As soon as you purchase it, just talk to Barterman and collect an electric cable.

What to do with an electric cable in a tramp

Go to grandmother’s store and exchange it for an electric cable. In return, she will connect the poncho for you. Unfortunately, it is not the size of a cat and is intended for a robot. This is an object related to history, and it must be given to the Elliot.

where to find banks with energy drinks-all places in Stray

There are many cans with energy drinks throughout the city . You purchase them using automatic machines with soda , but keep in mind that some of them do not work. This is where you can find all banks with energy drinks in machines for the sale of carbonated drinks in slums.

What to do with banks of energy drinks on Stray

Banks with an energy drink can be traded K bartender and do not serve any other goal. As soon as you collect them all, return to the market and collect a musical leaf and ancient relic.

In the tramp you can find more collection items, especially in slums, so why not use these guidelines in order to stretch your hand to help, the location of all musical ones in the slums or the location of all memories in the slums.

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