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Game Development Studio, Tactical Adventures, has distributed the Xbox version of the strategic RPG ** Solasta: crown of the magister, and has announced the Xbox Game Pass.

This work is a tactical RPG produced by the staff who are TRPG fans. It is faithfully produced in the 5th edition rule set of Dungeons & Dragons.

Operate the four heroes with unique skills, and adventure the stage, Sorasta. TRPG-like gameplay is prepared for character making and dice rolls, and major changes in the story development based on the selection of players.

The PC version was released in May 2021 and was provided for PC Game Pass, but on July 5, the Xbox version was released midnight and landed for the console. It also supports Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming.


Sorasta: Magistel’s Crown is currently being distributed to PC (Steam/Gog.com/Microsoft Store)/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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