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The United States is currently very confusing due to the abolition of abortion. As abortion rights have been officially abolished in more than 50 years, the political and social areas have made a condemnation statement. ITCH.IO, an indie game distribution site in the United States, also launched the ‘abortion support bundle’ to sympathize with it.

Itchdot Io launched an abortion support fund bundle on the official website on the 4th. At the end of June, the abortion was officially disposed of in the United States, and it was designed to deliver donations to the pregnancy suspension support foundation. In the past, Io Io has been doing activities related to social issues, such as the formation of the Ukrainian bundle of Ukraine when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke out.


There are more than 750 components of this bundle, with 341 digital games, 363 board games, and other cartoons and books. More than 600 creators participated and are sold by the 14th of the local time. The minimum purchase amount is $ 10, which can be purchased at a higher amount if the buyer wants. The works on the bundle you purchased can only be purchased in the Io Io.

All the amounts paid will be provided to the National NNAF of the National Implementation Fund (NNAF) so that the personnel who need abortions can receive surgery. The target amount was $ 200,000, but more than $ 130,000 for the 5th.

The Supreme Court of the United States, on the 24th, has officially defeated the Wade’s ruling since 1973, officially guaranteeing abortions of Americans since 1973 through the ruling of the Dobs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The United States’s constitution did not protect the rights to abortion, and the decision to exist in abortion was transferred to each state and parliament. According to the US poll, 60%of respondents negatively evaluated the ruling, and protests against the ruling are held in various parts.

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