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As the THW Kiel announced, Sagosen was operated once again in Oslo after intensive coordination on Monday morning.
Prior to that, postoperative issues had actually taken place on the front syndesmosis.
This had actually exposed a regular evaluation at the Norwegian nationwide group.
Sagosen experienced a crack in the left ankle joint in the Bundesliga house video game against HSV Hamburg on June 5 and a syndesmosis crack.

As a result of the second operation, the recovery procedure is delayed by 3 to 4 weeks, according to the physicians, the THW reported.
Initially, a downtime of six to 8 months had actually been forecasted.
In Norway it was hoped that Sagosen would certainly await usage in Poland as well as Sweden (11th to 19th January) until the 2023 World Cup.
The after-operation has actually ended up being a little bit much more questionable.

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