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This weekend, Los Angeles has stayed E l anime expo of 2022 , considered the e3 of the anime industry . In this fair dedicated to Japanese culture, an immense amount of content has been seen, among them, many trailers of anime that aim to be quite successful or commented between 2022 and 2023 . That is why we have compiled the most important advertisements that this exhibition and information about each of them have granted.

*The article will be updated with the trailers that appear today Monday, July 4

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Second part of Stone Ocean

After several months of uncertainty and just information , we have finally had the right to more information about the sixth part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean. Jolyne Cujoh and her company will have to find a way to help her father, the legendary Jotaro Cujoh. Of course, they will have to see them with Enrico Pucci, a priest who has had as the main reference to Dio, an old enemy of the Joestar lineage and great antagonist of the series.

As announced by the Netflix, this N ueva batch of chapters (specifically from 13 to 24) on September 1 **, shortly before the summer season.

Record of Ragnarok: Season Two

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie , or Record of Ragnarok in English, also announced the arrival of his second season to Netflix. For those who do not know, it is a work with a pretty simple premise but that attracts attention: every thousand years, the end of the human race is decided through a competition in which they face 10 humans against 10 gods. The global result of these duels will rule the future of the human being and all the descendants of him. The first season already had 3 clashes quite interesting, but the second aims to have a better production and animation.

The anime is expected to arrive in mid-2023 , although they have not revealed exact date of its premiere.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Although we knew more things about this anime a little less than a month ago, it is always good to know about the work that intends to hit the table and cause the fury that could not the original game at its premiere. This time we have been able to know how your opening will be, and to tell the truth that it does not say much about anime as such. It is a succession of images and transitions that are little and that it is more music that accompanies it than anything else.


The anime will also be launched in Nerflix next September , just before the historic autumn season that awaits us from industry fans.

Bleach: Saga of the Bloody War of the Thousand Years

10 years after his last anime-shaped chapter, Bleach returns in style and with much to tell . The adventures of Ichigo and company needed to conclude in the best way, so Pierrot has finally set to work to conclude the animated version of the successful manga created by Tite Kubo. As we have just discussed, this arch will be the last of the entire series and will have a lot of action in a bloody battle among the most powerful beings in the society of souls.

Bleach’s last season will arrive with the autumn season, specifically in October of this year , although without an established date.

Trigun Stampede

Another anime that returns in style is one that few expected: Trigun. The work originally created by Yōsuke Kuroda will have an animated version, this time by Orange Studio and in a quite peculiar way. For those who do not know this study, the productions of this company are practically in 3D, combining in some 2D parts and giving a somewhat strange but addictive impression in many cases.

Vash’s adventures through different inhospitable and hostile places will arrive in 2023 , without an exact date but with a lot of ambition from their trailer.

Only Leveling

The most successful manwha made to date finally confirms its animated version. It has been Crunchyroll in charge of helping in the development of this anime, which with the participation of A-1 pictures (sword art online and the first two seasons of Nanatsu no Taizai) will try to translate as well as possible the excessive power of This work created by the Korean Chu-Gong and that has fallen in love with everyone since it began there in 2018 online.

The release date is unknown, all we know is that will arrive throughout 2023.

Mob Psycho 100: Third season

One of the most innocent and beloved characters in the industry finally reaches its third and last season .
The spiritual journey of Shigeo Kageyama for his feelings is about to reach his conclusion, but seeing the result of the previous seasons we believe that it will be a farewell to height.
Unlike the other works mentioned here, this has not published anything, but several videos have been leaked about how your opening will be: it continues in the crazy line of its predecessors.
We still do not know exact date, although it is certain that it will come out in Crunchyroll this autumn season.

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