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At the FIFA Congress in April in Doha, he had many talks on site. This caused a photo for me, and also I made clear, concrete needs, specifically when it come to the migrant employees in Qatar. I additionally sustain needs on the facility of an assistance program for survivors of employees that were killed in Globe Mug tasks, so Neuendorf. In the run-up to the World Cup, the DFB boss will certainly travel there once more, this time also together with the Federal Preacher of the Interior. We can and have to position ourselves as a DFB, but political support on site is profoundly important. That’s why I am glad that Nancy Faeser has actually made the tip to travel to Qatar with each other, stresses Neuendorf.

We Europeans have a common value scaffolding, the very same view of human legal rights and sustainability. DFB basic secretary Heike Ullrich remained in Qatar recently. In this circle it is taken into consideration: What can the organizations do, what the teams? This is properly. Check out showed that a lot has actually improved in functioning conditions. Many modifications in the legislation are just insufficiently implemented. And also in females’s rights, freedom of the press or the LGBTIQ+ topic, there were still considerable differences, claims Neuendorf in the FIFA Congress interview (print version on Monday or from Sunday evening as emagazine).

During the content visit of the FIFA Congress facility in Nuremberg, the DFB President elected in March additionally talked about UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin, for whose planned re-election in April 2023 the complete count on was already articulated for the German Association: One can say that we can state that have actually accumulated an excellent as well as trusting connection within a very short time. We have actually talked directly for a very long time and also agree in several ways in many means, as an example in the critical mindset to a European Super Organization.

irritated by the sound defense law in Germany

We require the aid of politics, stated the association president. The DFB is needed right here. The DFB President of administrative challenges is upset, such as the noise security policy, which makes extremely various specs for playing youngsters in yards and sporting activities fields.

A great deal of work is waiting for the DFB, which affects the 24,000 amateur associations in Germany. We have to deal with the particular problems of amateur football, says Neuendorf.

Neuendorf receives 260,000 euros annually


Just how Neuendorf enters into the discussions about the brand-new basic agreement, whether DFB and DFL have a domestic power at UEFA as well as what the all-day treatment of primary school pupils from 2026 ways in his view for the clubs at the base can be reviewed in the print Monday version of the Twist orim emagazine.

After the DFB President’s work was identified by the reimbursement committee at 5 days a week, the amount of the allocation is likewise figured out.

DFB general secretary Heike Ullrich was in Qatar last week. In the run-up to the Globe Mug, the DFB employer will certainly travel there again, this time even together with the Federal Minister of the Inside. A lot of job is waiting for the DFB, which affects the 24,000 amateur organizations in Germany. The DFB President of administrative challenges is irritated, such as the sound protection guideline, which makes really various requirements for playing children in sports as well as yards fields.

After the DFB President’s work was determined by the compensation board at 5 days a week, the amount of the allocation is also determined. The association had actually chosen at the Bundestag on March 11 that the presidium members got the same settlement as a member of the Bundestag, i.e. 14,500 euros a month. For participants of the BGB board, there is also a 50 percent obligation allowance, so that Neuendorf pertains to around 260,000 euros a year-in outcome as its precursors.

Before the Bundestag in March there was a dispute to abolish the compensation board. If one talks of trustworthiness and cultural change, this is a main factor for me. The very same applies to the principles board or the exam board, emphasizes Neuendorf.

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