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The football Africa Cup in the Ivory Coast, originally planned for summer 2023, was laid in January as well as February of the following year. This announced Patrice Motepe, Head Of State of the African Football Association (CAF), on Sunday. As a reason for the new termination, he pointed out the climatic problems in the host nation offered in summertime.

That would certainly not be great for African football and also its image, said Motseepe. In the heart of the wet period, June is typically the rainiest month of the year.

The most important football event in Africa occurred till 2017 at the start of the fiscal year. After that the CAF executive board made a decision to relocate the event to the summertime. This wished to suit the European clubs and also their strategy.

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The 2019 edition took place in June and also July in Egypt, the subsequent edition in Cameroon occurred after numerous shifts, consisting of Corona pandemic, in January and also February 2022.

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